AnyAPP: Pay for all your bills through Alipay

The APP is revolutionary and the ease you can utilize the project and know that your finances are safe and in good hands is definitely a relief and comfort. The number of things that you're able to do and access within the APP is impressive and makes life infinitely more convenient. It connects to anything and everything related to payment. You never have to carry around cash or wallet, this APP singlehandedly becomes all of that conclusive in one.


Kelvin 陈建宇@AnyHelper from United States
Let’s share more tips for using Alipay here! I use it to top up my student card, pay for electricity fee and water fee!
Tristan from France
This app is just amazing. There is nothing that you can t do. Thanks to Alibaba and Jack Ma. BTW, this app has fingerprint option to make payments, it is not any different than of IOS. I wish all countries tried to make something similar to this app. It is much better than the likes of Apple Pay...
Sami Chreky from Morocco
Many people cannot use foreign credit card and link to foreign ATM card not because of this Application but you need to understand is that particular country bank does not implement yet. While in China the infrastructure is there. All go cashless. For foregin country yes many accept Alipay but for foreign people want to use it in foreign country it depends on how is the implementation going to take. I am foreigner but when I use it in China is so convenient. This Application is awesome!