QQ Music

It's free music, similar to spotify and has a huge library of songs in various languages. The only downfall to the APP is that it's all in Chinese.


Tristan from France
QQ music is the easiest way in China to listen to free Music unless you have Spotify or Apple Music. The only thing is that in the case you don t read Chinese it might be very hard to organize the songs that you like listening to.
Sami Chreky from Morocco
It is, after all, a (surprisingly) legal and licensed music-streaming app reminiscent of Spotify. You won’t find Taylor Swift on QQ Music, but it does house an extensive catalog of more than 15 million songs to look through, with many international options. This is a dream come true for a broke twenty-something who graduated from college recently and no longer qualifies for the $5-per-month student deal on Spotify Premium !