Any places to enjoy live music?

It could be at a club, bar, or even an area where street performers gather.
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    The Office

    Professional live music, various drinks and snacks. Alive for more than 10 years.

    Located in Dapuqiao, you'll get your selection of pure classic rock. Whenever I'm there, I'll tell my wife that I"m in "the office."
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    Chair Club

    A music bar with the aim of promoting music and a small live performance club

  3. All the international artists go there. On Monday, musicians who know instruments could just go there!
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    Mao live house

    A wonderful place for live music in Beijing

    Most people would like to go there for live music. They also support new arts.
  5. Decent place! Men always enjoy something different.
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    JZ Club

    JZ Club has become the typical representative of jazz clubs in China. The biggest jazz scene in Shanghai.

    JZ Club, good club with good people and good music