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  1. Three on the Bund’s signature Chinese restaurant, Canton Table - as the name suggests - offers up a wide variety of Cantonese classics, but all with a little twist. Discover contemporary interpretations of one of the country’s eight great cuisines using traditional ingredients such as salt-baked chicken, abalone, and roasted suckling pig - all in the classy surrounds that you’d expect at such an address.
  2. High-end Huaiyang cuisine (from the area surrounding the lower reaches of the Huai and Yangtze rivers) is on the menu at this classy Xuhui restaurant housed in a historical mansion on the corner of Fuxing Lu and Sinan Lu. Regional specialties such as Yangtze river fish, braised fugu and wild river shrimp all feature alongside premium dishes including Angus beef and foie gras “cherries”. As you’d expect from such an establishment, private dining rooms are available.
  3. Winner of a Michelin star, this restaurant on Yuyuan Road is part of the Fu Group family. The strict difference between Fu He Hui and it’s sister restaurants, is that this one is vegetarian. Spread across three floors, divided into private dining rooms each of which come with a feeling of serenity, this restaurant creates both artful and tasteful dishes that incorporate both Chinese and Western cooking flavors, methods and techniques.
  4. The attention to detail at this London-born spot is essentially unparalleled across Shanghai. From NYC to The Bund, Hakkasan is known for a beautiful and modern atmosphere with food & drink to impress the toughest of critics. The menu is a combination of refined Cantonese classics (expect dim sum like your stomach has never imagined) and fusion creations to satisfy all tastes. Throw in an extensive wine and cocktail list - be sure to try the infamous Hakkatini - and this is a must-try Bund experience.
  5. Located on the third floor of a beautifully furnished grand villa on the corner of Wulumuqi Nan Lu and Hengshan Lu, and with a pleasant, secluded garden out the back, JI PIN Court offers a vibrant fine dining Cantonese menu serving up unforgettable dim sum, seafood specialties, and traditional bbq dishes. The private dining rooms offer seasonal set menus crafted by award-winning chef Yat Fung Cheung. Dishes include shrimp dumplings, tea-smoked roasted pigeon, and pan-fried scallops, plus an array of soups and sweet treats that will be familiar to anyone with even passing knowledge of Canton’s cuisine.
  6. Good Hot Pot? More like Great Hot Pot. As one of the first hot pot places in town, Good Hot Pot offers a premium hot pot experience for all. And with multiple locations around the city, it’s an easy option for a night out. They have great beef and abalone, but one thing they’ve become known for is their ice cream hot pot! Give it a try.
  7. Rabbit, bullfrog and - of course - mala peppers feature on the menu at this Hubindao-set Sichuan restaurant. Classic spicy dishes such as duck’s blood, beef tongue, and preserved egg are available along with clearwater crab, bullfrog with ginger and pepper, spicy boiled catfish, Zigong-style baby cabbage and stir-fried rice balls.
  8. Your time in Shanghai is not complete without a meal at this institution - classic, clean, welll-prepared Hunanese dishes will delight your taste buds. It's spicy enough to please those looking for authentic Hunan cuisine but it won't shock those less accustomed to spicy flavors. A must-try!
  9. If you’re looking for spicy, reasonably-priced Sichuanese classics, Tian La Green might just be the solution. Boboji (chicken in chili oil), spicy pot bullfrog, and two-colour fish head are all on the menu, along with hearty vegetable offerings including ‘big pot’ cauliflower and pickled pepper okra. And - as the name suggests - everything is served up in stylish surrounds.