Which hidden WeChat features do you like the most?

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  1. Usually I just hide my wechat moments. Every now and then I'll go into General > Setting and manage discover.
      Wechat Moments is a great way Facebook like way to keep up with what s going on in your friends lives!
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    Certain emojis have special effects, add customized stickers, transfer money conveniently, 不是你的好友看不到留言
  3. It's convenient, you don't need to download any APPs, just connect to Wi-Fi.
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    Popular American coffee chain

    You can buy Starbucks giftcards and sign up for a membership.
      Great way to buy gifts for your friends or get you that extra kick in the morning to make it through the day!
  5. A perfect way for you to organize your WeChat friends.
      Great way to organize your contacts on wechat similar to contacts on your phone
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    WeChat Group Notification

    Best secret feature in wechat group

    Many people don’t know how to @all. It is pretty useful for me cause I’m almost the group managers of all my company wechat group. Click the group notification you can @all
      Group notifications if a great way to highlight specific people in a message when there may be a lot of people in one specific group
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    Wechat can be used for traveling.