Any good events to recommend for the upcoming week?

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  1. So difficult to meet so many people. I can’t date with a man don't care environment.
  2. Attending this blockchain automatically integrates you into the community and you can gain titling just by participating in the event.
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    JingAn Sculpture Park

    One of the best parks in downtown of Shanghai

    One of the best parks in downtown of Shanghai
  4. It's from Saturday to Sunday and you can make friends as well as working on different projects together. Going through the activities get you pretty well connected to each other. Majority of the volunteers there purposely go there to meet someone who's looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend who's a programmer.
  5. There will be a food expo, local philippine restaurant, cultural performances, 4 to 5 different festivals, and the entrance is free. AnyHelper will also be there.
  6. The Great Wall Festival is happening this weekend in Beijing with Nina Kraviz and Dixon as headliners.
  7. First special performance in China!