Are there any interesting and/or hidden places to travel in Shanghai?

Somewhere where there aren't too many tourists.
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  1. There's a lively nightlife and it's also a good place to go for a run.
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    Top university specializing in engineering of all sorts

    There's a grassy area near the lakes.
  3. Qingpu is really worth visiting because of the large farms there, very fresh and impressive!
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    Xi Wang Compound

    One of the most beautiful compounds in Shanghai.

    Not hidden so much as not thought of to visit, old lane house compounds are a hidden gem to discover local Shanghainese residential life. Built in 1911, this compound has 107 years of history and still retains many of its original residents as well as their descendants!
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    Speak Low

    Relive the bar “Angel’s Share” from New York

    Speak Low is a hidden bar located on Fuxing Road. Secret doors and passwords lead you to secret floors and rooms of this 4-storey speakeasy, with award-winning bartenders from China and Japan manning different floors with their own signature styles.
  6. It's a stop on subway line 3 and 4. There's a bit of everything there, almost like a live Taobao. There's furniture, shoes, restaurant and KTV furnishings. There are also fakes and originally made products, and the salespeople are also honest to tell you the actual pricing of the items. There really isn't a reason to bargain and the best things is that there aren't too many foreigners there. Once I bought a secondhand Chanel bag that was originally 2,000 rmb for 400 rmb.
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    tianshan lake

    Tianshan Lake is an AAAAA scenery in China.

    Tianshan Lake with little tourists.
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    Songjiang District

    Songjiang District has a lake which has less tourists.

    Timestown, lake, songjiang, less tourist., far from downtown.
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    Hong Mansion Tea House

    A quiet and beautiful tea house with long history.

    This 100-year-old beautiful tea-house in the middle of Jing An is hidden behind the façade of a residential brick house. Museum artifacts that have traveled to global institutes reside in here and you can book a tea ceremony workshop with local tea masters on