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  1. Only 600 Yuan for one-way flight. Temples, seas, food and shows there are really magnificent!
  2. All the beaches are breathtaking and it has a strong historical standing with a mix of European and American culture, even a bit of Chinese. The area is also very safe.
  3. It's located near the west of the Philippines, similar to Long Island. It is pretty untouched by tourists.
  4. The hard card books are only 3 yuan.
  5. Take a train to 台州, and from 台州’s 大麦屿 take the boat to 基隆. The boat ticket is around 700 yuan and from 厦门 to 金门 160 yuan.
  6. It's very cheap, around 1,000 yuan for a round trip, sometimes even 250 yuan. Follow their airline Wechat or Facebook newsletter for more information. English is their official language, but they also have Chinese and Spanish speakers.
  7. Bali, Indonesia is simply breathtaking and beautiful. The culture is also very unique and interesting.
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    A sovereign state in Southeaster Asa.

    A wonderful place for tourism with fewer tourists.
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    The easternmost country in Southeast Asia.

    It’s like an adventure. The English level of Vietnamese is better than Thai.
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    Cebu is an island of Philippines. It only takes you less than 1000 yuan to go there.

    Cebu is an island of Philippines. The price is within 1000 yuan to go there.