What’s the fastest VPN as of late?

Preferably one that's free to use and actually works without disconnecting all the time.
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  1. They give you your first year for free. For setting it up, you can search online to find a guide if you have any questions. It's pretty simple, I think three steps to get it set up.
      Great Vpn that gives you 1 year free of service!
  2. Fast VPN services when connected over the UK. There's a series of 5 locations posted 6 months ago in the USA APP store.
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    VPN Ninja

    Cheap and Fast VPN in China.

    It's cheap, with pricing around 5-8 dollars per month. It's rarely ever blocked unlike some big name brands that still get blocked here and there. I don't prefer free VPNs because they steal data and there's less security, but this one's pretty cheap.
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    Top 2 VPN with fair pricing

    I used Astrid for a long time. You can try Astrill for free for 7 days for each account.
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    Express VPN

    Top 1 popular VPN service

    It costs money but I believe it gives you the best bang for your buck in terms of reliability and speed.