Which APP do you dislike, but have to use?

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    Share all your WeChat tips here

    WeChat is the best, but also the worst. There are too many groups with many ads and messages. It's difficult to mute them all.
  2. 7
    Express VPN

    Top 1 popular VPN service

    Express VPN is good, but majority of all the VPN services in China aren't very stable, but we have to use it.
  3. 1
    Didi Dache

    Highly used taxi service in China

    DiDi is useful app to call a taxi in China, but I have to say that the English version doesn't offer the cheaper taxi options. And most importantly, the taxi driver doesn't speak English and there is no translation function found inside the app!
  4. Baidu Map or Amap is the most commonly used map APP in China, but it's all in Chinese. It's inconvenient, but there's no other option.