Are there any places that are open 24/7 in China?

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  1. It's a place you can rent for 1,000-3,000 rmb. They have everything you could want from a swimming pool, bbq, cs, a personal ktv, poker board and bar. You have to supply your own drinks though.
  2. They've got tables and a selection of beers that really impresses. There's a big one on Yananxilu/Kaixuanlu.
  3. It's a club, but it's really shitty.
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    FamilyMart, 24 hours Market

    AnyMarket: The most popular 24-hour market in Shanghai

    Most convenient stores are opened 24/7 (Family Mart, Lawsons, 7-11, All-Days). Some McDonald’s are opened 24/7, but very few left. Unfortunately, no clubs are opened 24/7 but they all stay open until 4-5am.
  5. if you are looking for a place open until late to have dinner, I recommend Makan. I found myself many times in 徐家汇 starving late at night but all big chinese mall all closes at 22:00. Well, good news since Makan stays open until 2AM and is pretty convenient to get there. Check it out especially for preparty dinner/dates