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  1. My friends cheated me to try dog meat. But to be honest, it tastes just like normal meat!
  2. Seaweed because in Italy we grab seaweed from the seashore and wring it out but here when I try it out in a Chinese or a Japanese restaurant
  3. It's a pretty everyday fried rice dish with some vegetables. It feels more similar to a street food.
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    Stinky tofu (臭豆腐)

    Notorious Chinese street food with a kick

    It's alright, not my favorite, but not too bad.
  5. The meat tastes similar to chicken, but slightly drier in texture.
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    Century Egg (皮蛋)

    Fermented egg said to hold medicinal value

    When you eat them means you are in China
  7. Duck's blood. If you’re looking for spicy, reasonably-priced Sichuanese classics, Tian La Green might just be the solution. Boboji (chicken in chili oil), spicy pot bullfrog, and two-colour fish head are all on the menu, along with hearty vegetable offerings including ‘big pot’ cauliflower and pickled pepper okra. And - as the name suggests - everything is served up in stylish surrounds.
  8. Bullfrog. Your time in Shanghai is not complete without a meal at this institution - classic, clean, welll-prepared Hunanese dishes will delight your taste buds. It's spicy enough to please those looking for authentic Hunan cuisine but it won't shock those less accustomed to spicy flavors. A must-try!
  9. You can pick different toppings of your choice, even sugar.
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    Beef Tripe

    A sichuan restaurant where you can try things like rabbit, bullfrogs

    Rabbit, bullfrog and - of course - mala peppers feature on the menu at this Hubindao-set Sichuan restaurant. Classic spicy dishes such as duck’s blood, beef tongue, and preserved egg are available along with clearwater crab, bullfrog with ginger and pepper, spicy boiled catfish, Zigong-style baby cabbage and stir-fried rice balls.