What restaurants are popular among Chinese college students?

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    Specializes in incorporating avocado into their dishes

    It is one of the most popular western restaurants on Daxue Road. What makes it unique is avocado. Avocado is tactfully used in almost all the dishes! In addition, the decoration is quite exotic. I saw many girls took photos there!
  2. It is a famous Mexican restaurant on Daxue road! It looks like a log cabin. Featuring of health and nature, all the food is baked by oven with low salt and little oil. Mexican cheese pancake is recommended by many college students.
  3. Homemade atmosphere with food that tastes that way as well. You can find dumplings, noodles, bento and other dishes. What college students like most are hand-made dumplings of various flavors. All the dumplings are freshly made and cooked on the spot.
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    Let's MEAT Here

    Restaurant for meat lovers galore

    If you are a meat lover, you will love this restaurant! It mainly sells beef. But you can also find lamb chop, pork chop and chicken. For college students, the price is very reasonable and the quality of meat is good. The restaurant owner has a Corgi in it. If you want to play with the cute Corgi, pay attention to your meat.
      I like meat and always try this restaurant!
  5. It's a fusion of New York style food with the Chinese cuisine. It might appear to be weird at first, but you will be surprised to find that it tastes good. This small restaurant perfectly combines Chinese cuisine with foreign elements.
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    Yang's Dumpling

    Called shengjianbao, it's one of the most popular here in China