What can I buy with 2 dollar in Shanghai?

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    Qingdao Beer

    Cheap, popular beer in China

    Most people buy this beer, not because it tastes good, but because it's so cheap.
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    Find everyday products of quality and competitive pricing

    Most things in Miniso are around 2 dollars. You can buy things like socks, notebooks, iPhone cables and other small goodies.
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    FamilyMart, 24 hours Market

    AnyMarket: The most popular 24-hour market in Shanghai

    Most snacks in FamilyMart are super cheap. You can pick up some baozi and other snacks for less than a dollar.
  1. Actually, most food found at FamilyMart is within 1 USD, such as biscuits, yogurt, chips. Some daily necessities can also be found there, such as wet tissue.