What's the best western hotel restaurant in Shanghai?

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  1. Capturing the essence of the European spirit, Aqua is elegant and stylish with an interior design which takes full advantage of the stunning views. The open kitchen and oven are fully integrated with the design and capture all of the diner’s attention.
  2. This all-day dining outlet in the Waldorf Astoria offers a range of flavors that you can find in a chic European brasserie with seasonal ingredients prepared in a simple yet elegant style. The daily breakfast offerings range from classic Eggs Benedict and Belgian Vanilla Waffles, as well as an assortment of continental baked goods. And with the open kitchen concept, guests can sit back and enjoy as they watch the chefs do their magic in the kitchen. There are also private rooms available for intimate dinners and and wine tastings.
  3. Head to the 36th floor of the Shangri-La at Lujiazui for a breathtaking dining experience both in terms of atmosphere and cuisine. They describe the menu as 'European fusion cuisine with a twist', and trust us, it's an outstanding meal that will inspire rave reviews and fill even the pickiest of stomachs.
  4. This grill and steakhouse in Kerry Hotel Pudong serves house-butchered and aged grass-fed beef imported from Australia, as well as fresh seafood and gourmet comfort food. Their signature steak is the Ningaloo Tomahawk. These hearty dishes are served alongside traditional steakhouse sides dishes, craft beer from The Brew - brewery adjacent to The Meat - and premium wines.