What kind of APPs do you use to kill time?

APPs ranging from social media, mobile games, video platforms, etc.
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    Cheap website to get all your videos streaming

    Watch as many videos as you want for only 20 rmb a month.
      Amazing app to watch my favorite Chinese shows & dramas but there is one problem I.e no English language for app it only shows Chinese plz add English language to this app
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    Player Unknown's Battle Grounds

    A multiplayer online battle royale game, parachuted to fight to be the last one standing.

    It's just exciting. It's the closest thing to my favorite game on the PS and Xbox.
      The very essence of this game is absolute fairness of the challenge: the most important feature of the game which will make it immortal legend among all other games. The same as the xbox and PS4 versions and just as much fun!
  3. Better interaction, better recommendation and better play list. Compare your music tastes.
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    Share all your WeChat tips here

    Wechat can be used to order food.
      Wechat moments is a great facebook like way to keep up with what is going on in your friends lives. Also a great way to text people without having to use phone service. Very fast and very efficient
  5. QQ music can kill time by listening to music.
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    Biggest shopping website in China

    Taobao is suitable for killing time by shopping online.
      Very enjoyable to shop and find all kinds of clothes that you like for very reasonable prices! Only thing to look for is quality assurance from the sellers.
  7. It's like a controller, also a synthesizer of various musical instruments and electronic music.
      Great APP if you enjoy creating music!