Which brand of Baijiu is cheap and won't damage my liver?

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    JiangXiaoBai (江小白)

    Younger crowd's best choice of baijiu

    This baijiu brand is targeted towards the younger crowd and has pretty good branding.
      this is the one you see all the party-goers drinking before going clubbing ahah to my opinion extremely 垃圾
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    Erguotou (二锅头)

    The cheapest baijiu in China

    The cheapest baijiu in China. For a bottle of 二锅头, it's always less than 2 dollars, but the taste isn't so great.
  3. 3

    One of the most well-known baijiu brands in China

    It's the number one bajiu brand here in China
      If I MUST drink baiju, I’ll pick this one, but for the price, I’d buy a bottle of whiskey instead every time.
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    Wuliangye (五粮液)

    Top 2 famous baijiu in China

    Quality wise it's higher up on the scale as well as the price, but there's a reason why so many people like it and go back to it.
      Too expensive for me...
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    Niulanshan (牛栏山)

    Famous brand of beijing baijiu

    The percentage is comparably lower to other baijiu brands, and so I'd say it's a good place to start for people who're interesting in getting a taste of China's famed baijiu. Many Chinese people say that they don't have headaches the next day after drinking this one.