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Where I can go for travel with beautiful sceneries and fewer people in China?

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  1. Yunnan·Tengchong is far from some hot scenic spots of Yunnan, so it keeps the most natural sceneries. For winter, you can take an open-air hot spring bath. For Spring, there are many Ginkgoes, so you can enjoy the golden scenery. Best travel months: April, November to February of next year Consumption level: low
  2. Sichuan·Sertar County has the biggest Buddhist Academy in the world. You can feel heavenliness even though you're not a Buddhist. The building style is unique. You can see a large area of red houses. Best travel months: May to October Consumption level: low
  3. Haikou is a dining paradise, there are many delicious local food and fresh seafood. The weather is pretty gentle, and the pace of life is slow. Best travel months: October to May of next year Consumption level: medium
  4. Lishui is a place with many ancient villages. You can feel the historical precipitation there. If you want to travel to Lishui, homestay is the best choice. Best travel months: May to October Consumption level: low
  5. Arxan has the biggest volcanic landform in Asia, the biggest groups of mineral water of the world…You can experience nature and watch the stars at night. In winter, the snowy scenery is one of its most fantastic features. Best travel months: June to August Consumption level: medium