If I only have 7 hours in Shanghai, where should I visit?

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  1. Go visit the top of the IFC. Last time I went for the birthday, got in for free, and I got super drunk.
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    Yu Garden

    A Chinese garden located beside the City

    Built more than 400 years ago, the classic Chinese garden translates to “Happiness Garden” and is suitable for anybody who loves exquisite sculpture and architecture. Feel as if you’ve stepped back into Ancient China, and visit Yuyuan Bazaar after for local snacks and shopping!
  3. Visit the Yu and Long museum, and walk through Huangpujiang.
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    Yu Garden

    A Chinese garden located beside the City

    Full of interesting things, you won't feel boring for 7 hours!
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    Gongqing Forest Park

    Second largest park in Shanghai that feels like a forest

    It's a national park, really big but quite far away.
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    Qipu Lu Clothing Market

    The fake market for all your clothing needs

    In the evening, there are a lot of street food to enjoy.
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    The Bund

    Also known as the Waitan, it's a waterfront area in central Shanghai

    An oldie but a goodie. The view throughout the day is breathtaking and the mix of historical buildings and modern eclectic restaurants along the Bund entertains for hours. I especially love the Peace Hotel’s interior architecture!
  8. Night club is a good choice for 7 hours, especially at night.
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    Lujiazui is one of the modernest place in Shanghai. If you prefer luxuriant environment, Lujiazui is a good choice.

    Lujiazui is modern and has nice night scenery. You can shop, have dinner, enjoy night scenery there.
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