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Where can I find some cool DIY shops?

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    Wood DIY shop to create whatever your heart desires

    ZOWOO is one of the most popular wooden DIY shops in Shanghai. It is built as a public wooden DIY space and divided into several different areas. The shop also has professional operating room, so you can choose to make an easy wooden toy or a chair of high difficulty. Location: No. 198, North Xizang Road, 8th floor of JOY CITY Phone: 18516561623
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    Craftsman in City

    DIY shop for all leather goods

    The shop has professional and various DIY courses for consumers. The decoration of the shop is England retro style. Even though there is only one consumer, the course will also start. All machines for DIY are completely prepared in the shop. You can also buy leatherware in the shop. Location: No. 1601, West Nanjing Road, 4th floor of Réel Phone: (021)52753920
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    Augusmith (全爱工匠)

    Make handmade jewelry and other metal goods

    The shop offers a course that everyone can make a metal decoration in 90 minutes. Consumers can make couple rings for lovers, make a metal bookmarker for reading… Various choices are offered in the shop. Location: No. 166, North Xizang Road, 8th floor of JOY CITY Phone: (021)60738468
      I’m interested to visit this shop. Anyone know whether it is cheap enough?
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    Morelife - Pottery Creative Space

    A DIY shop for pottery and ceramics

    The shop combines modern design concept with traditional pottery craft. It provides consumers both machines to make the pottery works from the beginning and semi-finished ones to do design. Also, there is a coffee bar in the shop, consumers can also relax themselves. Location: No. 50, Moganshan Road, Room 103, Building 18 of M50 Creative Industry Center Phone: (021)62660098
      Is it far away from xujiahui?
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    Deer Art Lab

    DIY oil painting with teachers to help on hand

    The shop is located at a housing estate on Hengshan Road. The painting room has a french window. You can enjoy the sunshine and beautiful scenery while painting. The shop has a wide balcony, so you can also take pictures or have a tea there. If you are poor at painting, don’t worry, Painters of the shop are patient and nice. Location: Room 601 of Heishi Apartment, No. 1331, Middle Fuxing Road Phone: 18616593102