Where can I pick fruit by myself in Shanghai?

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  1. It is located in Songjiang district. You can pick blueberries by yourself. The price for an adult is 60 yuan and the price for a kid is 30 yuan. It also has an amusement area for kids to play. So, you can go there with your family members
  2. Lvgang Fruit Park is located in JInshan District. You can pick various fruits in it like pitaya, strawberry etc.
  3. It is located in Fengxian district. You can find almost all the common fruits there. For the fruit, you only need to pay 30 RMB.
  4. It is located in Jiading District. The charge of 1 kg is 20 RMB. In addtion to picking the honey melon, you can watch how honey melon is planted. If you like honey melon, you can't miss it!
  5. I t is located in Songjiang District. It is one of the biggest mulberry planting area in Shanghai. The price is 30 RMB per person. You can only pick mulberry there. So, if you like mulberry, you can have a try.