What are the worst apartment services in Shanghai?

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    Joanna's Real Estate

    Biggest english-friendly apartment renting agency in Shanghai.

    It's high-quality service and English friendly, even though it's pricier.
  2. One of the more cheaper housing agents in China.
      Sugar mamas. They’re only good for short term
  3. 8

    The biggest second-landlord apartment brand in China.

    Their customer service is great, it definitely helps if you know some Chinese though.
  4. 3
    SmartShanghai Housing

    Most popular housing website in Shanghai, Also good for finding replacement.

    SmartShanghai also provides housing information and you can find rentals, which are all verified by the company.
  1. I don't think 58 City is a good choice for apartment rental because some of the sources on it aren't reliable.