Are there any weekend trips that you would recommend joining?

I'm thinking of a 2 to 3-day trip.
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  1. Very nice city! Specially, there is one lingyin temple, very secret and very chinese. You can take a lot of pictures there.
  2. It's beautiful at night and a nice place for a weekend getaway, although the water is dirty.
  3. There are organic farm resorts complete with farm animals and vegetables that are fresh and organic..
  4. It's only a 2-2 1/5 hr distance from Shanghai.
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    A beautiful place in Hubei province

    Enshi is a 2 hr and 15 min flight away and a hidden natural gem of mountains, canyons, clear blue lakes and waterfalls. Not yet discovered by tourists, I hesitate to even recommend it here!
  6. It's got a lot of have a lot of history from Yao and Shun, Lu Xun, and Gou Jian.
  7. Take a bus from Dishui Lake to the second longest bridge in Shanghai. Also there's East China Sea Bridge, the 4th longest to cross over the sea.
  8. Easily traveled to by high-speed train, Hangzhou is a hub of yore as well as cutting edge technology. Home to Alibaba but also the infamous West Lake and Lingyin Temple, experience riding on bicycles powered by solar energy whilst viewing the original site featured on a 1-yuan note.
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    Tong Li

    A nice water town in Suzhou, Jiangsu province

    Tong Li is a very nice. I spent two days and one night there a few years ago. Tong Li also has the biggest sex museum in China.
  10. Moganshan is a good place for outdoor activities like cycling.
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    Guilin is suitable for 2, 3 days trip. There are many 5A landscapes in Guilin.

    Guilin is a famous traveling city in China. There are many nice mountains and rivers. The price level is cheap, and it's pretty suitable for outdoor activities.